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Property BizSoln

   - Owner and Tenant Information
   - Propose C/E Fee Based on Ownership
   - Monthly C/E Fee & Rent Posting
   - Post Dated Chq & Pre-Auth Payment
   - Owner's Billing & Payment History
   - Suppliers' Invoices and Payments
   - Bank Reconciliation
   - Preventive Maintenance & More...

  Residential Property Business Solution

Property Business Solution offers rich functionalities specialized in residential properties. Here are some examples of its features:

Property BizSoln calculates proposed common element fee based on the percentage of ownership of each suite and annual budget.

Property BizSoln generates monthly charges and processesd both post-dated cheques and pre-authorized payments.

Property BizSoln identifies all unpaid accounts and helps generating mass email / snail mail to owners.

Property BizSoln helps answering owner calls by providing fast access to the following information:

Owner's Contact Information


Property Master


AR Aged Trial Balance


Owner's Charge and Payment History

For more features and offering, please email to or call 1 866 219 8106.

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