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Property BizSoln

   - Customer Information
   - Recurring Billing for Fee & Rent
   - Post Dated Chq & Pre-Auth Payment
   - Owner's Billing & Payment History
   - Suppliers' Invoices and Payments
   - Common-Area Maintenance Charges
   - Bank Reconciliation
   - Preventive Maintenance & More...

  Commercial / Rental Property Business Solution

Property Business Solution offers rich functionalities specialized in commercial / rental properties such as

Common-Area Maintenance (CAM) Charge Mgmt

Expenses for common area can be tracked and optionally be shared among tenants. The distribution of expenses can be based on the number of units rented, total unit area or total rented area. This distribution can optionally be amortized with an agreed rate and duration. Invoices can then be generated accordingly with these distribution in place.

Call and Issue Tracking Facility

Customer's request can be recorded and tracked until the request is satisified.

For more features and offering, please email to or call 1 866 219 8106.

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