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Property BizSoln

   - Owner and Tenant Information
   - Recurring Billing for Fee & Rent
   - Post Dated Chq & Pre-Auth Payment
   - Owner's Billing & Payment History
   - Suppliers' Invoices and Payments
   - Common-Area Maintenance Charges
   - Bank Reconciliation
   - Preventive Maintenance & More...

  Property Business Solution - Property BizSoln

Property Business Solution is an extension based on ERP BizSoln that specialized in property management industry for both residential and commercial / rental properties. Here are some examples of its features:

To reduce human effort and errors, Property BizSoln generates monthly charges and processes both post-dated cheques and pre-authorized payments.

It also identifies all unpaid accounts and helps generating mass email / snail mail to owners.

To faciliate higher customer service quality, Property BizSoln helps answering client's calls by providing fast access to information such as client account history.

In addition, Property BizSoln reminds property managers for preventive maintenance.

The solution also features comprehensive payroll functions and capabilities to work with third party payroll companies.

For more features and offering, please email to or call 1 866 219 8106.

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