Computing Business Inc.

ERP Business Solution

  - Improve Business Data Quality   
  - Automate Business Process   
  - Faster and Better Decision   
  - Reduce Fulfillment/Lead Time   
  - Better Inventory Management   
  - Improvment in   
    Revenue, Cash Flow and Cost   

  ERP BizSoln - The Opportunities

You can react faster to this ever-changing business environment with more accurate & timely business information provided by ERP.

Areas of Improvement

Reasons of Improvement


Improve customer services with better customer knowledge.


Improve customer satisfaction when products are always available


Improve customer satisfaction when lead times are shortened for make-to-order items.


Lower material cost with better vendor knowledge and material requirement information.

Cash Flow
Material Cost
  Carry & "Loss"

Better inventory management.

ERP automates business process and co-ordinates the entire company in your order fulfillment process.

Areas of Improvement

Reasons of Improvement

Lead Time
Operating Cost
Human Errors

Streamlined business process

Customer Satisfaction

Higher rate of on-time delivery.

Labor Cost

Stable schedules & no material shortages, since management can spend their time managing and improving their processes instead of chasing material and shuffling priorities.

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