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Your competitors may have been significantly investing in information technology (IT) to improve efficiency and reduce cost. Now, you can also catch up without substantial initial investment.

With our pay-per-use pricing model, our solutions are affordable enough for small business, but powerful enough for medium size business of up to $500M of revenue.

With our hosted solution option, you can also enjoy trouble free IT solutions. Servers and data can be hosted in our server farm. However, you can still access your own data 7x24. You have no IT trouble such as hardware/software upgrade, trouble shooting, loss of data, security, training cost and expensive IT budget and etc.

Our core business is to deal with these IT challenges in a cost effective way. With our focus and expertise, CBI brings peace-of-mind to you, so that you can focus on your core business.

CBI offers quality business solutions at affordable cost:

ERP Business Solution

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Retail Business Solution

Property Management Solution

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